What Is Sodomising A Man

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What Is Sodomising A Man oral intercourse

What sodomy includes?

Sodomy refers to anal or oral intercourse. As explained in this case from Georgia, “Sodomy is defined as any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another.” … Under Common law, sodomy mainly consisted of anal sex.

What does Sodomising a boy mean?

Anal or oral intercourse between human beings, or any sexual relations between a human being and an animal, the act of which may be punishable as a criminal offense.

What is Sodomising with a stick?

They electrocuted prisoners’ genitals or hung rocks from their testicles. They sexually violated others with wooden and steel poles. “They strip you naked, then tie your hands to a steel pole from the right and the left so you are spread open in front of them. Then the sodomising starts,” said one father of four.

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