What Is No In Korean

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What Is No In Korean means “no”

What is Annyeong?

안녕 (Annyeong) – “Hi”

What is dae in Korean?

The name Dae is primarily a male name of Korean origin that means Greatness.

What is no in South Korea?

The most common word you’ll hear and see written in Korean that means “no” is 아니요 (a-ni-yo). You can say 아니요 any time you’re disagreeing with somebody.

What is Hai in Korean?

안녕 hi (also: bye)

What is the meaning of Aniyo?

How to Say ‘It Is Not’ Many people get confused about 아니요 (aniyo) and 아니에요 (anieyo) when learning Korean. 아니 (ani) means “no”, 아니다 (anida)means “not”. The word 아니다 (anida)changes to 아니에요(anieyo) or 아닙니다(animnida) when speaking formally.

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