What Is Cultural Literacy

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What is an example of cultural literacy?

Some cultural literacy examples are knowing on which side of the sidewalk to walk, how to address strangers, and which music is popular in a given…

What kinds of knowledge are important for cultural literacy?

The Roots of Cultural Literacy

coined the term "cultural literacy" in 1987. He used the term to imply that just as literate people are fluent in reading and writing, culturally literate people should be fluent in their cultural heritages, histories, literature, art, politics and the like.

What do you mean by cultural literacy?

Cultural literacy means being able to understand the traditions, regular activities and history of a group of people from a given culture.

What is the purpose of cultural literacy?

Cultural literacy also helps you develop associated skills, such as communication and self-reflection (Flavell, Thackrah & Hoffman, 2013). increases participation in the social practices of that society, including access to institutions and services (Anning, 2010).

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