What Is Cornhub

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Is Cornhub a real website?

For the first time ever, you can visit Pornhub.com during work and not worry about being spotted by your boss. That’s because the site is currently called Cornhub, and its front page features nothing but corn videos.

Is Cornhub com safe?

In accordance with Google Safe Browsing, Google Safe Search and Symantec cornhub.com is pretty a safe domain. Relying Google MobileFriendly test cornhub.com is well optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

What Is Cornhub Google Safe

Who created Cornhub?

According to Pornhub VP Corey Price, the prank, which will last until midnight, was a labor of love. "We were actually inspired by a photo that made the rounds on reddit, of a guy that had a corn booth which he named ‘cornhub’ and it kind of evolved from there," Price told Thrillist.

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