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Where does The vagabond like to sleep?

Answer: The poet wants his bed in the bush so that he can see the stars.

What do I know about dictionary?

A dictionary is a listing of lexemes from the lexicon of one or more specific languages, often arranged alphabetically (or by radical and stroke for ideographic languages), which may include information on definitions, usage, etymologies, pronunciations, translation, etc..

What are the 5 different parts of the dictionary?

This worksheet shows you the different parts of a dictionary definition, including entry word, guide words, pronunciation, part of speech, definition, and origin.

What is a dictionary entry called?

1. dictionary entry – the entry in a dictionary of information about a word. lexical entry. headword – a word placed at the beginning of a line or paragraph (as in a dictionary entry) citation form, entry word, main entry word – the form of a word that heads a lexical entry and is alphabetized in a dictionary.

What is the meaning of Merriam?

: the action or the power of making definite and clear the definition of a microscope lens. More from Merriam-Webster on definition.

Is it possible to live as a vagabond?

It’s called Vagabonding. Vagabonding is about taking time from your normal life to explore overseas for an extended amount of time. It could be for half a year, a few years, or even a lifetime for those daring individuals.

What is a Jagabond?

1 : moving from place to place without a fixed home : wandering. 2a : of, relating to, or characteristic of a wanderer. b : leading an unsettled, irresponsible, or disreputable life. vagabond. verb.

Are you a Hodophile?

Hodophilia — which comes from the ancient Greek for hodos, or journey, and “philia,” meaning love or affection — is simply the love of travel. And a hodophile is someone who is “afflicted” with hodophilia, to which I plead guilty — some would say in the extreme.

How is the life of a vagabond different from us?

A vagabond is a person , often in poverty , who wanders from place to place without a home or regular employment or income . … A vagabond could be described as being " a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders place to place and life by begging vagrancy is condition of such persons .

Which type of life does a vagabond life?

(a) What kind of a life does the vagabond want ? The vagabond wants the life of a tramp. He wants to live and wonder amid nature. He does not desire friend, wealth or love, he desires the sky above and the road below.

What is the longest word in the dictionary?


Appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary, this 45-letter word for a disease is the longest English word that is defined in a major dictionary. It’s a technical word referring to the lung disease more commonly known as silicosis.

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