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What Is A Horn Spoon Cut-Eye Higgins

Why did Jack and praiseworthy become stowaways?

Why do Jack and Praiseworthy have to become stowaways? They wanted to know what it was like to sneak on a ship. A man told them to become stowaways. A thief or cut-purse stole their money they saved to buy tickets for the voyage.

What problem did Jack and praiseworthy run into once they arrived in California?

Jack had decided to help. He had heard about the gold in California, and decided to run away to the gold fields. Praiseworthy did not want him to go alone, so as a good and faithful butler, he had decided to set out for the world with the boy to try to make money to save Aunt Arabella’s house.

What did cut-eye Higgins steal?

What did Cut-Eye Higgins steal? He stole the Gold Map, boat, and Good Luck.

What is a mountain Canary By the Great Horn Spoon?

What is a mountain canary? Mule or burro. What did Pitch-pine Billy do with Praiseworthy’s umbrella. Used it as a washpan to pan gold. What was Praiseworthy famous for?

Where did Jack get his horn spoon?

where did jack get his horn spoon? praiseworthy let him buyn it with some of the gold dust.

Why does Quartz Jackson want Jack to save all his whiskers?

Why does Quartz Jackson want Jack to save all of his whiskers? Because it had gold dust in it. They were lucky whiskers. He wanted to use them to pan for gold.

Why is it called the Great Horn Spoon?

It is certain that horn is an old Scottish name for Ursa Minor and a dipper, of course, is really just a big spoon. I’ve found it said as fact that the phrase does indeed refer to the Big Dipper.

What happened to the sea raven at the beginning of Chapter 6?

Where was the Sea Raven in relation to the Lady Wilma at the end of the chapter? The Sea Raven passed the Lady Wilma and was disappearing into the horizon.

Where did cut eye Higgins hide the gold map?

where did Cut-Eye Higgins hide the map to the gold? He stuffed it in his underpants.

What happens at the end of By the Great Horn Spoon?

To the travelers’ surprise, Aunt Arabella arrives in California, and Praiseworthy and Arabella finally have their moment. The two agree to marry, and they vow never to return to Boston, and Jack finally gets his real relationship with Praiseworthy.

How does Jack feel about praiseworthy?

Once Jack learns that Praiseworthy keeps a picture of her, Jack suggests that Praiseworthy pursue her once they return. Praiseworthy doesn’t believe that he’s on her level—he’s a butler after all—but it isn’t until Aunt Arabella follows them out to California that Praiseworthy asks for her hand in marriage.

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