What Is A Foam Party

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What Is A Foam Party wear foam

Are foam parties real?

Foam parties, at which you dance in a club amid several feet of soapy bubbles, apparently still exist, which, fine, do what you want to do, kids. But! If you do go to one of these parties, do not rub your eyes, or you could end up with abrasions on your cornea and lack the ability to open your eyes.

What do you wear to a foam party?

What should I wear to a foam party? We recommend wearing a lightweight shirt and shorts or swimwear and comfortable shoes you don’t mind getting wet. And that’s it really it! While a foam party won’t leave you soaking wet, like a pool party will, you will get damp, meaning it’s important to wear comfortable clothing.

What’s the point of a foam party?

A foam party is exactly what it sounds like – an event where you get to play, dance, and party in several feet of bubbly suds. Created by a foam machine, this foam isn’t the sticky, wet consistency of soap bubbles; instead, it offers all the fluffy foam with none of the mess.

Are foam parties wet?

Foam Parties are a great activity for kids of all ages and abilities. It’s a bubble bath without the water!

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