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How To Spell LaurenHow To Spell Lauren

Is Oran a boy or a girls name? Oran as a boy’s name is of Aramaic, Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Oran is “light; pale”. How do you spell London? Proper noun The city in England, capital of England and the United Kingdom, is invariably named Londen [...]

How To Pronounce YaelHow To Pronounce Yael

Does Yael mean to ascend? Yael: The Hebrew name meaning “to ascend” is short in spelling but has two distinct syllables and a classic Hebrew sound. How do you say abinoam? Also Douay Bible, A·bin·o·em [uh-bin-oh-em]. Is the name Yael in the Bible? Jael or Yael (Hebrew: יָעֵל Yāʿēl) is [...]