What Is A Whale LouseWhat Is A Whale Louse

Why do whales jump out of the water? The simplest explanation for a whale jumping out of the water appears to be sociality or alertness. Which one of those, depends on the context. Killer Whales are highly social animals, and are composed of multiple family groups, so when related groups [...]

How To Put On ChastityHow To Put On Chastity

What is married chastity? Within the marriage, chastity requires that the couple engage in sexual intimacy that is open to procreation, that is respectful of the bodily integrity of the spouse and avoids words or actions that might humiliate or objectify them. What is the value of chastity? Chastity allows [...]

How To Drape A TentHow To Drape A Tent

What tape do you use for draping? Black Sticky Draping Tape – 0.125" Draping tapes are designed to stick onto your dress forms to help you plan your designs with ease. For example, visualize panels, gather the fabric to see how it will drape, and curve necklines. They are a [...]

What Is A MeamWhat Is A Meam

What is a meme and how is it pronounced? noun. /miːm/ /miːm/ ​an idea that is passed from one member of society to another, not in the genes but often by people copying it. What does meme exactly mean? meme \MEEM\ noun. 1 : an idea, behavior, style, or usage [...]

How To Sharpen Potato PeelerHow To Sharpen Potato Peeler

What is a high peeler? An over-sized Peeler with a specially developed extra large blade for tackling tough vegetables. Peel squash, vegetables, Potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and other fruits & vegetables you never thought possible. How many types of peelers are there? There are two main types of peelers; a [...]

How To Reset Kia RadioHow To Reset Kia Radio

Can you hard reset a car radio? Perform a Hard/Factory Reset A reset button usually must be pressed for a certain amount of time, but sometimes while also holding down another button. The instructions to perform a hard reset tend to involve simultaneously pressing several buttons on the front panel, [...]

What Is A Lotion BarWhat Is A Lotion Bar

Can you use lotion bars in the shower? You use them in the shower or tub after cleansing. Just rub the bar all over, rinse off and pat dry. This will leave a lovely layer of cocoa butter and shea butter on your skin to seal in moisture. THIS ITEM [...]