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Jucheck Exe What Is It Host Interface

What is Jhiservice exe?

This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process jhi_service.exe. You can find this service as Intel IPT Host Interface Service or Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface – part of the global Intel® Identity Protection Technology Software.

Is Hkcmd exe a virus?

As mentioned above, hkcmd.exe can be a virus. If you find hkcmd module in any other location than the C:\Windows\System32\ folder, hkcmd.exe may have been replaced with a malicious version.

Can I remove Jusched from startup?

Can I disable Jusched exe? Now in Windows 8 one can disable it through the Task Manager. Just go to tab Startup right click on the jucheck and choose disable.

How do I remove Java from startup?

Export this "Run" registry key to a registry file: HKCU_Startup. reg as a backup. 4. Select the registry value "SunJavaUpdateSched" and press Delete key to remove this value.

Is Jucheck safe?

jucheck.exe is a legitimate file, and it belongs to Sun Microsystems Component. It is also called Java Update Checker. … So the malware programmers or cyber criminials write the malicious programs and name it jucheck.exe to spread the infection through the internet to damage the systems.

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