How To Vassalize Eu4

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How To Vassalize Eu4 their throne

How do you grant provinces?

Go to the subjects menu and open up the subject interactions (the list with placate ruler, place relative on throne, enforce religion etc.) One of these should be grant province.

How To Vassalize Eu4 their throne

What is economic base in eu4?

It is calculated as a ratio of your economy to the target’s, raised to some power, larger than 1. So it grows very fast and non-linearly. Easiest way is to conquer lots of land somewhere else or make your target lose some territory.

What does vassal mean in the Bible?

: a person in the Middle Ages who received protection and land from a lord in return for loyalty and service.

Can you pu a vassal eu4?

As described above the only real way to turn a vassal into a PU is by using vassal mechanics to put a relative on their throne, releasing them from the vassalage and quickly claiming their throne and declaring war before they get an heir.

Can you sell provinces in eu4?

After the war is over you can use the sell province option from the diplomacy menu. Yes , you can always sell them.

How do you give land in eu4?

You can transfer by clicking on the province after it has been occupied, it should say "Occupied by you" with a button, click the button and it’ll list who you want to transfer occupation to. This button only exists if you have Art of War.

What does Vassalization do Stellaris?

Using vassals is one of the best strategies in Stellaris. That’s because vassals can support your military forces, help win wars, and can help you control the territory around you.

How do you make someone a vassal in ck3?

The first method for getting more Vassals is to simply ask your friends. Eventually, you will also need more vassals in Crusader Kings 3 to handle land and claims as your empire grows. Your ideal approach is to get on good terms with your neighbors and offer them vassalage through the menu.

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