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How long do seeds take to sprout in rapid rooters?

Rapid rooter plugs allow your seeds to quickly germinate into seedlings. As long as you provide proper moisture, heat, and darkness, it can take about 2 to 5 days for your seeds to sprout seedlings. If you use other methods, it may take anywhere from 5 to 15 days.

Can you reuse Rapid Rooter?

Can you rehydrate rapid rooters? Rapid Rooters can be rehydrated – to a point. The polymer-bound substrate has an initial texture that is much like a sponge.

Can I plant seeds directly in coco coir?

Containing all the benefits of coco coir, they’re water retentive, naturally sterile, and offer excellent drainage and aeration. Once the seeds have germinated, coco dots can be transplanted with seedlings directly into pots or beds. Coco coir’s fine structure makes germination easier on smaller plants.

What are seed plugs?

Plug plants are seedlings which have been germinated and grown in trays of small cells. When the roots have grown sufficiently they can be easily pushed out of the trays and either transplanted into larger pots or planted outside in the ground.

Can you germinate seeds in a hydroponic system?

You’ll be using a nutrient solution in your hydroponics setup. Simply dilute the solution to half the recommended strength for seed-starting. A place to grow. Because your seedlings’ roots won’t be growing in soil, you need to provide a place for them to anchor the plant and keep it upright.

How long do you soak Rapid Rooter plugs?

Answer: As long as the rapid rooter is still moist just plant the seed directly into it. If it has dried out give it a quick soak. 5 minutes should be more than enough.

How do I use Root Riot cubes?

Simply pop a seed into the hole of the Root Riot cube. Gently tease the corner off the cube and pop in the top to cover the seed. Put the tray in a warm place until germination. Keep an eye on the moisture in the cubes, especially in warm conditions which will speed drying out.

How do you put germinated seeds in soil?

Place your germinated seed, root down, into the hole and cover lightly. Do not pack the soil on top of the seed; a light protective layer of soil is all that is needed. Once they sprout in one to three days, new seedlings will need lots of light, and fluorescent grow light works best.

How do I store root riot plugs?

The plant starter plugs should be spongy and moist – not saturated. If they are dry, rewet them by placing the grow plugs into a bowl of lukewarm water. They should be at room temperature. Unused cubes should be kept in a plastic bag to prevent them from drying out.

Do you plant Rapid Rooter?

If your Rapid Rooter already feels moist out of the bag, you can skip this step. Place your Rapid Rooter(s) into a seed tray. Place your seed or cutting into the pre-made hole in the top of the Rapid Rooter. Pour about 16 fluid ounces of water into the tray every two to three days, or as needed.

When can I transplant clones from Rapid Rooter?

After a few weeks, you should notice roots showing out of the bottom of the Rapid Rooter plug. When roots start forming outside of the Rapid Rooter plugs they are ready to be transplanted into your hydroponic system.

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