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How To Turn On Combat Text Wow enable combat

Can you add Fonts to ElvUI?

ElvUI CustomMedia

This custom Addon adds 14 new Fonts and 18 Textures to your ElvUI! If you have any requests for new Fonts or Textures to be added, feel free to ask me.

What is the World of Warcraft font?

Morpheus: the Ornamental Font

If there is one font that represents World of Warcraft, it’s Morpheus. This iconic, stylish font, with its squared-off letters, mix of lower- and upper-case letters, dots inside the Os, is truly a work of font art.

How do I turn off combat text Elvui?

Just turn it off in the character selection schreen addon management.

How do I change the damage text in Elvui?

If you’re using Elvui, then you can have Elv change the combat text font. General > Media > CombatText Font. It should have a few options there for you, but if you want more, I’d suggest installing SharedMedia.

How do I move blizzard combat text?

It’s impossible to move the default text. You’ll need to use an addon like Parrot or MSBT to recreate the functionality.

How do I enable combat text in Elvui?

This should be a blizzard option in esc – interface – combat, just enable scrolling combat text. You can also enable our own combat text in tukui config, unitframes, scrolling combat text. Don’t commit on master when drunk.

Does ElvUI have combat text?

This Plugin will allow you to have Combat Feedback Text or Floating Combat Text on UnitFrames and/or Nameplates in ElvUI.

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