How To Tune A Guitalele

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Can you play ukulele chords on a guitalele?

You Can Play Both Guitar & Ukulele

If you mute the top two strings of the guitalele, it will convert into a ukulele. You can also achieve the unique ukulele sound by replacing the fourth string of the guitalele with the high G string. Besides, with the six-string instrument, you can play most of the guitar tabs too.

Is a guitalele good for kids?

The guitalele has got as many notes as a guitar, which makes the neck and the sapce for every fret a way smaller. For people with bigger fingers it may be harder to play certain chords. But for kids it’s much easier to play chords on the guitalele. Regarding the body, a guitalele fits also much better a little child.

Can you play a guitalele like a ukulele?

Standard ukuleles are basically guitars that are tuned 2 1/2 steps up with the two bass strings removed, so a guitalele is the same thing (except it still has the two bass strings). So you can technically use any guitar tab and play it on your guitalele – the song will sound the same, just in a higher key.

Is guitalele good for beginners?

The guitalele has some qualities that are good for beginners. For instance, its smaller size and nylon strings typically make this instrument easier for beginners. However, you can find these qualities in a less than full-size classical guitar which can be even better for a beginner.

Can you use guitar tabs for guitalele?

Guitalele doesn’t “use” chords, players play chords. Guitalele standard tuning is like a guitar with capo on fret 5. So all the same chord “shapes” as guitar will work on guitalele, but the absolute pitches will be different.

Can I play guitalele as a guitar?

You can play a guitalele like acoustic guitar in that the chord shapes are just like a guitar’s chord shapes. In terms of size, a guitalele is about the same size as a ukulele. Some guitalele manufacturers use the term “6-string ukulele” instead of “guitalele.”

What is the difference between a baritone ukulele and a guitalele?

A guitalele has six strings tuned in the same intervals as a guitar but pitched up a fourth as if you were to capo the guitar on the fifth fret: ADGCEA. On the other hand, the baritone ukulele has four strings tuned like the top four strings on a guitar: DGBE.

Does a guitalele have a truss rod?

Guitaleles for Purchase

As far as I know, all Caramel guitaleles contain truss rods, and thus you could string any of them with steel strings. However, always double-check to make sure the instrument you’re considering stringing with steel strings does, in fact, have a truss rod.

Can I put regular guitar strings on a guitalele?

Classical guitar strings – any – work perfectly fine on guitalele in the guitalele standard tuning. If some sets are higher or lower tension – that is personal preference, just like classical guitarists have preference. There is no need to limit your choices to specific guitalele sets.

What is the purpose of a guitalele?

The guitalele is tuned to ADGCEA, which is equivalent to putting a capo on an acoustic guitar’s 5th fret. It can be used to play both guitar and ukulele style music, making it very versatile.

Is guitalele good for small hands?

Guitaleles have narrow frets.

I mentioned above that the guitalele’s narrow frets can be helpful for someone with small hands. While this is true, narrow frets also have their downsides. When frets are small, this makes bar chords and certain other chord shapes difficult to accomplish.

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