How To Skin A Raccoon

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How To Skin A Raccoon exposed humans

How much is a possum pelt worth?

Going back across the Pacific, the opossum is trapped across the United States with almost 200,000 taken in 2014 alone (the last year for which records are available) although prices for this fur have been lower in recent years (average $2.86 per pelt in 2016: source IFF).

How much does raccoon fur sell for?

They should average $3.50-4.00 conservatively, with potential averages to $5.00. The market for raccoon pelts is terrible. A very abundant item with low demand and high processing costs has created a situation where it’s going to be difficult if not impossible to sell many raccoon skins at any price.

Why are fur prices so low?

Harvest of wild fur was probably unusually low in the past year because of travel restrictions, COVID impacts, low fur prices, etc. There were low offerings and expectations of low prices, so many animals were simply left in the woods, with trappers opting for a more recreational approach.

How do you soften a raccoon hide?

If the hide is hard and dry, soak the hide in warm water to soften it. Be careful to take the hide out as soon as the hide is wet throughout and pliable. It should be readily squeezable and flexible. If it is stiff, it is still too dry in the inner layers.

How do you skin a raccoon to eat?

Cut around the ears and eyes.

Expose the face of the raccoon and use your knife to cut around the eyes and the ears. Return your attention to the skin side, and keep pulling the pelt down and free of the flesh, working it up the neck and to the jaw.

How much is a beaver pelt worth?

With beavers, the work starts as soon as you get out of the truck. Pelt prices for beaver should be about what they have been in the last few years: $10 to $15 for a good prime blanket. Raccoon – Like beaver, they take more effort to prepare than other pelts. Expect the usual $10 to $15 for a good, big, heavy pelt.

What to do after salting a hide?

After salting, roll the hide up and place on an incline to allow fluids to drain away from the hide. Wait approximately 12 hours. Unroll the hide and shake all of the wet salt off.

Can you eat raccoon with rabies?

Treatment can prevent rabies from developing in exposed humans. Rabies is almost always fatal in exposed humans who develop the disease. Thorough cooking will inactivate the rabies virus (see “Good Sanitary Practices – Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites in Game”, but meat from infected game should not be eaten.

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