How To Ship Video Games

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Are bubble mailers safe for video games?

Is it just the cartridge you’re sending? Depending on the video game’s value, you can again use a flat box, or you can substitute a poly bubble mailer in its place. Since you’re not worried about protecting a retro box, the bubble lining will protect the cartridge just fine. Remember, wrap it in foam first.

What is small flat rate box for USPS?

USPS Small Flat Rate boxes let you ship small items of 70 pounds or less to anywhere in the US for a flat fee. USPS Small Flat Rate box prices are just $8.45. Or you may prefer to use a flat rate with UPS or FedEx instead.

Are Gameboy games Media Mail?

It’s a firm no. You can try to send it media mail, but if they choose to inspect it then they will either send it back to the return address and you’ll have to re-mail at the correct postage, or it will arrive at its destination with postage due.

Can I send a video game through the mail?

In conclusion, video games, whether on CD-ROM, diskettes, or similar software, regardless of form, or playable systems including computers, do not meet the standards for Media Mail.

How much does it cost to ship a video game on ebay?

Most systems can be shipped in the U.S. for $4 to $14 via USPS Parcel Post. The cost to ship your system depends on its size and weight (it costs less to ship a Game Boy Advance than it does an Xbox) and how far you are shipping it.

No, Nintendo does

How much does it cost to ship a game switch?

It will cost anywhere from $8 – $15 depending on where it is going. If you want to send it through UPS or Fedex be prepared to pay atleast $20+. in addition, Does Nintendo store have free shipping? No, Nintendo does not offer free shipping.

How many pounds is a PS5?

As IGN reports, a new version of the official PS5 product manual reveals that a new version of the PS5 Digital Edition console is coming that weighs 300 grams (0.7 pounds) less than the original model. The new model weighs 3.6kg (7.9 pounds), whereas the launch model weighs 3.9kg (8.6 pounds).

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