How To Pronounce Tchoupitoulas

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Where does the name Tchoupitoulas come from?

Tchoupitoulas was originally the name of a Louisiana Indian tribe (the “Chapitoulas Indians”), who formed Chapitoulas – later Tchoupitoulas – Street along the Mississippi River for trade. The formation of the Wild Tchoupitoulas Mardi Gras Indian tribe took place in the early 1970s.

How do you pronounce Chartres Street in New Orleans?

New Orleans is known for its strange pronunciation of street names too. While you may enjoy a glass of “BURR-gun-dy” wine, Burgundy Street is pronounced “Burr-GUN-dy.” And Chartres Street is pronounced “CHAR-turz.” If you don’t know how something is pronounced… just ask!

How do you pronounce Amite County?

Amite County /ˈeɪ. mɛt/ is a county located in the state of Mississippi on its southern border with Louisiana.

How To Pronounce Tchoupitoulas Street pronounced

What is a Cajun name?

Boudreaux – It comes from the French word for a farmer and a common last name for Cajun people. Broussard – For Joseph Broussard, an important historical figure for both the Acadians and Cajuns. Claude – For Claude Guedry who was an Acadian born in Canada and later immigrated to Louisiana.

How do you pronounce tchefuncte?

Tchefuncte– Pronounced chew-funk-te. Tchefuncte is another of Louisiana’s rivers. It feeds into the Lake, and it is located on the north shore directly across from New Orleans.

What state is Lake Pontchartrain in?

Urban Waters and the Lake Pontchartrain Area/New Orleans (Louisiana) At over 40 miles wide, Lake Pontchartrain is the second largest inland saltwater body in the United States. It covers 630 square miles, serves six Louisiana parishes and 1.5 million people.

How do natives say Louisiana?

"Lose-ee-ann-a." Four slippery syllables with all those soft and sibilant consonants and so many vowels, said musically and so quickly as almost to pass for a bird call.

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