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How To Pronounce Montagne Montagne Montagne

What does a feuding mean?

: a long bitter quarrel between two people, families, or groups. feud. verb. feuded; feuding.

What does au bord de la Mer?

bord de la mer noun. seaside, sea front, strand. au bord de preposition. on the edge of, on, on the verge of.

Is Montagne French?

montagne translate French to English: Cambridge Dictionary.

Is Lake feminine or masculine in French?

The gender of lac is masculine. E.g. le lac.

How do you say Mountain in French?

The word for mountain in French is montagne, and it is pronounced mohn-tahn-yuh.

What is the meaning of La Montagne?

La Montagne or La Montagne or Lamontagne is a surname of French (Norman) origins but is possibly related to some surnames within Ireland and England. The word “montagne” in French translates as the word “mountain” in English.

How do the French pronounce Reims?

2. Re: Pronunciation of Reims? Actually, not quite right. It’s a nasalized vowel, so if you hold your nose and say “ranse” (as in the English word “rancid”), you’ll be close.

Is Montagne in French masculine or feminine?

The gender of montagne is feminine.

Is mer in French masculine or feminine?

But la mère (the mother) and la mer (the sea) are both feminine. Note that more people nowadays are using la maire to refer to a female mayor (see our lesson about the feminization of professions in French), although the officially correct term is la mairesse.

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