How To Paint Pansies

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How do you make violet watercolor?

To mix a vibrant purple, you get the best results from mixing a cool red and a warm blue. The cool red and cool blue also produce a pretty purple. The other combinations contain more yellow, so the color becomes muddy. (Remember red + blue + yellow = brown.)

Do you paint dark or light first watercolor?

With watercolor it’s important to lay down your light colors first and work towards the darker colors.

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Why were Rachel Ruysch’s still life paintings so popular?

In the 17th century the Dutch were very interested in flowers and gardening, so paintings that highlighted the beauty of nature were highly valued. This helped to build and maintain Ruysch’s clientele throughout her career. In her lifetime her paintings were sold for prices as high as 750–1200 guilders.

What part of a watercolor picture you paint first?

When working with watercolor paints, you want to begin with the lighter colors and then work towards the darker ones. We do this because in watercolors, Â the white comes from the paper, not the paints. So due to the transparency of the paints, your light colors wont “pop” when painted over darker colors.

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