How To Paint Orchids

Are watercolor orchids real?

Watercolor orchids are Phalaenopsis orchids dyed using a safe and natural method. You may notice a small amount of blooms on your orchid upon delivery. These blooms will open quicker in a warm indoor setting. Phalaenopsis orchids typically bloom about once a year, for up to three months.

How do you make colored orchids?

Orchid is a purple color with tones of blue, pink and grey, and takes its hue and name from the orchid flower. It is the result of mixing red and blue with white and black.

Are purple orchids real?

There are two shades, however, that orchids do not naturally blossom in: a true blue or a true black. They simply do not have the genetic makeup to make these pigments. There are some varieties of purple orchids that look very blue, but upon close inspection are really a shade of purple.

Are blue phalaenopsis orchids dyed?

Most of the truly dark blue flowers that are found in floral bouquets have been dyed to produce that true-blue color. In supermarkets and other stores around the area, striking blue phalaenopsis orchids are readily available for purchase. These are living, potted plants, and not cut flowers.

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Are blue orchids natural or dyed?

Blue Phalaenopsis orchids are not natural or real. When new buds appeared on a white orchid’s flower spike, blue dye was injected into the stem. The blossom in formation turns blue. Blue orchids, which will rebloom with white blossoms, are more expensive due to the dye and the marketing.

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