How To Measure Boat Steering Cable

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How To Measure Boat Steering Cable boat steering cables

How does outboard cable steering work?

The helm is responsible for converting the rotating motion of the steering wheel into a push-pull action on the cable. This cable directs the rudder to move left or right to steer the boat in the skipper’s desired direction. Most helms are rotary and use gears to move the rudder.

How is a push pull cable measured?

The stroke on a push-pull cable can be calculated by measuring from the end of the support tube to the first thread on the bulk head or on a groove mounted cable you will measure to the front edge of the groove. The stroke is approximately 1.25” shorter than what you measure.

Are boat steering cables universal?

A boat steering cable attachment to the motor through the engine tilt tube is universal. Wholesale Marine carries SeaStar Solutions kits that will allow users to replace any steering system application.

Are all boat steering cables the same?

Generally, marine steering cables used in various steering systems in boats are almost all the same. The difference may arise when the length of the cord and manufacturers are concerned.

How do you adjust the steering cable on a boat?

Check the cable nut on the tilt tube of your outboard to ensure it’s tight by having a friend move the wheel while you watch the cable at the tilt tube. If the cable moves, tighten the cable nut with an open-end wrench.

Are outboard controls Universal?

Generally, all other engines and controls use a “universal” 3300/33C type control cable. Universal cables have 10-32 threaded ends and often require extra hardware to connect to the engine and control.

Why is my steering tight on my boat?

If your boat’s steering is unusually stiff, you should first check to make sure there’s adequate grease on the motor. Grease is necessary to keep the components moving and functioning as they are intended. Without this lubrication, the steering wheel may be difficult to turn.

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