How To Make Mauby

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Is Mauby a detox?

Mauby benefits have the potential to help stabilize blood sugar levels, increase immunity and reduce pain. It acts as a diuretic and helps detoxify your body. The drink has a cooling and relaxing effect on the body and is a great thirst quencher which is why islanders love it so much to escape from the heat of the day.

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What drink is Barbados known for?

What alcohol is Barbados known for? Barbados is also known as “The Rum Island”, which makes it more than apparent what the most popular thing to drink there is: rum!

Does mauby expire?

In terms of sweetener, I use unrefined maple syrup (which keeps blood sugar levels stable/low GI) as opposed to coconut sugar or another granulate sugar. Keep the mauby (both drink and concentrate refrigerated) both should last for several days when.

Does mauby contain alcohol?

Syrup Form

Mauby syrup is the concentrated form of the drink, which people add to either sparkling or plain water. The drink does not usually contain alcohol, though there are a few fermented varieties, and bartenders use the syrup in a number of local cocktails.

What is the purpose of Mauby bark?

Mauby has been proven to reduce high blood pressure when paired with coconut water. Other benefits include relieving arthritis, reducing cholesterol, treating diarrhea, and supposedly even fighting diabetes.

Does turmeric dissolve blood clots?


Turmeric is a spice that gives curry dishes a yellow color, and it’s long been used as a folk medicine. According to a 2012 study, one of its main active ingredients, curcumin, acts as an anticoagulant. It works to inhibit coagulation cascade components, or clotting factors, to prevent clots from forming.

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