How To Make Bidet Water Warm

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Does a bidet use cold water?

Most non-electric bidets clean with unheated or “cold” water (~40 to 70 F ̊). While unheated, most don’t find cool tap water to be uncomfortable. Electric bidets have warm water (~90 to 104 F ̊) that can be adjusted via remote control.

What temperature is bidet water

Do you need warm water for bidet?

All you need is the existing cold water supply behind your toilet, making a separate hot water line unnecessary. Water temperature is adjustable too, as you’ll be able to set the temperature over three to five different settings (depending on model), ranging in temperature between 92 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature is bidet water?

Electric bidets spray warm water (~104°F/40°C). Most models provide heated water for a minute but luxury seats offer endless warm water. Non-electric seats, bidet attachments, and handheld sprayers typically cleanse with unheated water (60°F/25.5°C), though dual-temperature models exist.

Why is my bidet water so cold?

Most bidets only spray cold water, because non-electric bidets make up a bigger category. With electric bidets, you have seats. With non-electric bidets, you have seats, attachments, and handheld sprayers. Warm water non-electric bidets exist, but they’re less common.

Can a bidet have warm water?

Non-Electric Warm Water Bidets

Even non-electric bidet attachments and bidet seats can offer warm water. Because non-electric options don’t have a way to heat water, you will need to have access to a warm water supply.

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