How To Make A Microtonal Guitar

How To Make A Microtonal Guitar King Gizzard

What is a microtonal fretted guitar?

It basically means the use of smaller intervals than the usual tones and semi-tones used in Western music.

Where are Eastwood Guitars made?

Eastwood Guitars was formed in 2001 to produce replicas of classic, but not necessarily high end, guitars like Airline, Teisco and Mosrite. Eastwood’s headquarters are in Brampton, Ontario, just west of Toronto. The instruments are generally built at three factories located in China and Korea.

How does a microtonal guitar work?

In the Adjustable Microtonal Guitar, all the frets on the fretboard are movable in the channels under each string. Besides, any number of frets can be inserted into or removed from the fretboard. In the equal temperament system used in Western classical music, the octave is divided into 12 half tones.

What is fanned fret guitar?

Fanned frets or multi-scale guitars place the frets on a calculated angle to give each string a different scale length. Fanned frets give guitars a longer scale length on the lower strings and a shorter scale length on the higher strings.

Which King Gizzard albums are microtonal?

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard released K.G. and L.W. in late 2020 and early 2021, respectively. They’re the second and third albums to form a trilogy of records, beginning with 2017’s Flying Microtonal Banana. We speak to band founder Stu Mackenzie about microtonal tunings and more on today’s World Cafe.

Who made the flying microtonal banana guitar?

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard On Creating The Instrument ‘Flying Microtonal Banana’ The Australian psychedelic rock band, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, are known for being fairly prolific. Hell, they’ve already released an impressive 10 records since 2012.

What instrument is in Flying Microtonal Banana?

The name “Flying Microtonal Banana” comes from Stu Mackenzie’s custom-built yellow guitar, fitted with additional microtonal frets. The album has been described as psychedelic rock, acid rock and experimental rock, with elements of krautrock and Middle Eastern/Turkish music.

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