How To Maintain Water Wave Weave

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How To Maintain Water Wave Weave water wave

Can water wave hair be straightened?

The Water Wave hair pattern can be easily straightened bone straight and curled to suit any hairstyle.

Can you comb water wave hair?

Use a wide-tooth comb for water wave hair weaves

Use fingers to detangle your freetress water wave hair weaves thoroughly, from ends the top, starting at the roots of your hair may cause breakage, then use a large-tooth comb. Use the paddle brush to smooth hair, style as desired.

How do you maintain water wave bundles?

Wash your hair every week. Wash your Freetress water wave hair in cool or lukewarm water. Put your hair into the water from ends to top, wash hair with finger if possbible, do not rub or twist hair. Do not blow dry your water wave hair, place the hair in shadow and let it natural dry.

Is water wave better than deep wave?

If you are still unsure as to which style to get, then it is important to know that both deep wave and water wave are equally a great pick. Both the two hair textures provide a similar look and feel; however, the main difference is that the water wave tends to boost a curlier look.

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