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How To Leave Party In Tera Whisper name

How do you chat in TERA?

TERA has Chat function with multiple channels. Chat window is located by default in lower left corner. There are few predefined tabs, that have prefined channels. Player may customize chat window by adding tabs, changing their names and selecting which channels appear in tabs.

What is instance matching TERA?

The Instance Matching (IMS) tool is a function that can be used to queue your character in a selected dungeon. To access the instance matching tool, a button under the compass will lead you to it.

What is max level in TERA?

On the us tera, gathering falls under 3 categories : As of 2019, the maximum level was increased to level 70. This is my leveling guide for tera’s new level 70 cap.

How do I use emotes in Tera ps4?

Emotes are accessible from Social menu->Emotes and can be added to speedbar. It’s also possible to type commands to chat command line. Emotes trigger when typing keyword to say chat.

How many levels are there in TERA?

In TERA, the level cap is currently: Level 70 in TERA Korea (as of 2019)

How long does it take to level in TERA?

With the recent changes to up XP from story quests, addition of Vanguard Requests, and the elimination of the need to do Zone quests to level, most classes can level in 2-4 days of play time rather than the old 5-8 days.

How do you whisper in TERA?

-/Whisper (/w) <name> : Whisper <name> privately.

Can you change your class on TERA?

Sadly no, you cannot change your character’s class, only race, appearance, gender and name. Same goes for costumes, they are bound to a character.

How do you save Tera on ps4?

You just log out >.> It’s an MMO, whatever you do is always saved.

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