How To Get To Gold Beach Maplestory Reboot

How To Get To Gold Beach Maplestory Reboot accept quest

How do you get to Edelstein?

Travel Method

Go to Six Path Crossway, climb up to Victoria Tree Platform, take the appropriate portal, then talk to the travel NPC. Go to the Edelstein Temporary Airport, talk to Ace, then choose where you want to go.

How do I get to Mu Lung Maplestory?

Anyway, when you land in Orbis, go to the right, talk to the NPC on the far end of the map. Choose the Mu Lung option, keep walking. You’ll see a crane, talk to him and he’ll take you there for 6k.

How do I get to mushroom shrine from Henesys?

1) Go to the left of your screen and click the light bulb icon and accept the quest “[Mushroom Shrine Tales] Go to the Mushroom Shrine.” 2) Once you are moved, locate the green crystal called “Heart of Zipangu.” This will allow you to move to Henesys.

How do you exit Maplestory?

The “Change character” option works as a “Quit game” it brings you back to the world selection screen where near the bottom left corner there’s an exit button to close the game.

How do I get to Ariant?

Ariant can be traveled there if you are the following: Below level 30, you can help Manji with the quests can allow up to 5 trips to Ariant. If you are traveling, take the ship from Ellinia then to Orbis then head to the right and talk to NPC to head to Ariant. Use the world map button if you need directions.

How do you teleport in Maplestory?

Teleport Rocks allow you to move quickly throughout Maple World by simply clicking the desired location on the World Map! You can purchase Teleport Rocks in the Game → Convenience category of the Cash Shop. Teleport Rocks are either consumed upon use, or can be purchased to use repeatedly for a set number of days.

What is Maple guide?

The Maple Guide is a system that serves to recommend training areas, as well as bosses, for players within a certain level range. You can use this system to teleport to areas near your level, which can be used to access certain other content, such as bosses.

How do I get to Ellinel?

It can be accessed by players who are level 30+ by entering a portal located at Giant Tree. Several of the students at the Ellinel Fairy Academy deep in the forests of Ellinia have gone missing, and a human named Cootie the Really Small is the main suspect.

How do I start Riena Strait?

How to get to Riena Strait? To visit Riena Strait, you can either accept the quest at the leftside of your screen (this can only be done once) or get to Penguin Port in Rien, then talk Puro and select Riena Strait. To visit Rien, go to Lith Harbor in Victoria Island and talk to Puro there.

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