How To Get Rid Of Blue Dot On Text

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What does blue Dot mean on Samsung messages?

The blue dot let you know that another person is using Samsung messages. The benefits of this is that it allows you to see if some has read your messages and when they’re typing something to you.

Why is there a notification dot on my contacts?

At their core, Android O’s notification dots represent an expanded system for delivering notifications. As the name suggests, the feature causes a dot to appear in the upper-right corner of an app’s icon on your home screen whenever that app has a notification pending.

How can you tell if someone reads your text?

On an Android

Depending on your phone model, operating system, and cellular provider, you will notice one of the following: Read Receipts, Send Read Receipts or Request Receipt. Turn on the applicable option. On a Samsung phone, go to Messages > Menu > Settings > Chat settings. Here, you can enable read receipts.

How To Get Rid Of Blue Dot On Text Android phone

How do I get the blue dot off my text messages?

Open your text message app. Click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner. Click advanced messages and turn it off. Itll take away the dot on contacts icon.

What does a blue text mean?

All mobile phones — Android, iPhone, and otherwise — use SMS in some way. However, iPhones also use iMessage, which was built to send messages over the internet, specifically between Apple devices. Messages in green are SMS, while messages in blue are iMessages.

What is the blue dot next to text message on android?

The blue dot indicates that the person you are chatting with has RCS enabled. I think for Verizon and Samsung phones.

Why are some messages light blue and dark blue?

Answer. This is the way Android Messages indicates whether the message is being sent via RCS or SMS/MMS protocols. The darker messages are RCS.

How do I get rid of touch dot?

Turn-off show touch in Android phone

Step 1: Tap on the Settings > Choose Developer option at your Android phone. Step 2: Scroll down the list of available options in Developer window. Locate and turn off Show touches option from your Android phone.

What does the blue dot mean in text messages some of my contacts have it and some don t?

Yes it signifies that that person on your contact list also has chat features enabled.

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