How To Get More Lash Clients

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What do lash artists post?

Lash artists should consider having a type of “client highlight” where every now and then they repost a selfie one of their clients posted and write a cute shoutout to that client. A little appreciation goes a long way! Memes are everywhere on social media nowadays.

How much should you charge lash models?

This is a win-win! Remember that the industry average is somewhere between $81-$120 for a full set of lash extensions. I personally recommend that my students charge between $65-$79 for a full set, until they can reach an hour-and-a-half for an application.

What is lash lift and tint?

Unlike a lash extension, a lash lift simply alters the shape and color of your natural lashes. … The treatment involves “boosting and lifting each individual lash, before tinting them for thicker, darker, longer looking lashes,” she says.

What two forms do your models need to fill out for eyelash extensions?

During the consultation, you will be presented with two forms; the Client Intake Form and the Consent for Eyelash Procedure Form. It is essential that you fill out the Client Intake Form truthfully, so any preexisting conditions can be taken into consideration.

How To Get More Lash Clients Intake Form

How do you get lash clients on Instagram?

To promote your posts, you need to put relevant and popular hashtags that get a large outreach. You should hashtag your local area and business name, but some general hashtags too, like #lashes #eyelasheextensions #beauty #lashtech and so on.

Is being a lash artist worth it?

MONEY MONEY MONEY. The lash extension industry is booming right now. You can make upwards of $50,000 a year if you are a skilled and well-marketed lash technician, and then your clientele and revenue will continue to increase as you become more well-known and experienced in coming years.

Is starting a lash business worth it?

The beauty business boasts a plethora of niches, but the eyelash business is definitely a lucrative one. According to Grand View Research, Inc., by 2025, the global false eyelashes market is expected to reach $1.6 billion… that represents a lot of potential customers.

Is eyelash business profitable?

As your skills grow, you can charge more and become more profitable as a lash professional. Successful lashers on the higher end of the wage scale make upwards of $73,000 each year. These three components—price, location and marketing—should all be factored into your eyelash extension business.

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