How To Get Aer Thaumcraft

What is Motus in Thaumcraft?

Motus is an Aspect based in Motion, Movement, and Speed. Motus is generally one of the middle aspects you need to cover due to needing to craft many sources or going out hunting for them.

How do you get victus in Thaumcraft?

Sources. Victus is found directly in meat and eggs, but also has many compounds from which it can be centrifuged, notably Bestia, Fames, Mortuus, and Herba. (Limus is also a source.) Corpus and Humanus can also provide a great deal of Victus, but these require multiple centrifugings.

What items have AER in Thaumcraft?

Some items like reeds and tall grass include Aer in there Aspect makeup.

How do you get humanus in Thaumcraft?

Sources. Humanus is found directly in rotten meat, but can also be centrifuged from several other aspects, notably Instrumentum (which itself has many common compounds), Messis, and Pannus (which also has Instrumentum).

What has Sano Thaumcraft?

It is quite scarce in items, but is found in Three Meat Treat, and in Healing or Regeneration potions. (It is also present in milk, but that’s useful only for scanning, unless you can afford to sacrifice many buckets.) Until recently (before 4.2. 3.1) it was also available from cake, since cake is crafted from milk.

How do you get Motus in Thaumcraft?

Sources. Motus can be found directly in Doors, Trapdoors, and (with suitable additional mods) Rubber or Bar Rubber. It can also be centrifuged from Bestia, Volatus, or Machina, among other aspects.

How To Get Aer Thaumcraft aspect composed Praecantatio

How do you make fames in Thaumcraft?

Fames, the "hunger" aspect, is found in all cooked food. It is composed of Victus and Vacuos. Meat nuggets (from the Infernal Furnace) and melon slices are "perfect" sources, with 1 Fames apiece.

What contains Auram Thaumcraft?

Auram, the "aura" aspect, is composed of Praecantatio and Aer. It is used in the crafting of silverwood wand cores, and thaumium wand caps. It is distilled only from ethereal essence, in addition to whatever other aspect the essence may offer.

Where can I find Vitium?

Vitium, the "taint" aspect, is composed of Praecantatio and Perditio. It has no compounds. Found only in tainted creatures and items (normally tainted goo and taintacle drops), it is required for production of ethereal blooms, and liquid death.

Where do you get Essentia in Thaumcraft?

Essentia is stored in glass phials, Warded/Void Jars and (eventually) in essentia reservoirs. Each has a different storage capacity and usage. Most blocks and items contain some aspects that can be used to perform alchemy. With the help of an alchemical furnace, these aspects can be extracted as liquid essentia.

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