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How To Draw Winx Straffi explained

Will Winx Club have a Season 9?

The Season 9 of Winx Club was confirmed by Rainbow S.r.l. in the Licensing Summit Online and its premiere will be in 2021. This season will have 52 episodes with 13 minutes.

Why do the Winx look different in Season 8?

The characters were restyled visually to appear younger, which would better appeal to the show’s new demographic. In a 2019 interview, Iginio Straffi explained why he had chosen to gradually lower the show’s intended audience over the years: In the last ten years, the animation audience has skewed younger.

Why did Winx Club change?

In a 2019 interview, Straffi explained that decreasing viewership from older viewers and an increased audience of young children made this change a necessity. He elaborated that “the fans of the previous Winx Club say on social media that the new seasons are childish, but they don’t know that we had to do that.”

Who is the oldest Winx?

Stella is the oldest in the group while Roxy is the youngest. Bloom, Aisha, and Tecna are the only Winx members with named power sources—the Dragon Flame, Morphix, and Technomagic respectively.

How old is Daphne in Winx?

So that would mean that Daphne’s at least 37 years old and she’s going out with an at least 21 years old guy!

Is Flora a princess?

In the film Magic Adventure, when the Winx girls present themselves to the Royal Guards of Domino, Flora introduces herself as the Princess of Linphea. However, she is not, in fact, the princess. That title instead belongs to Princess Krystal.

Is Winx Club hand drawn?

The Winx Club series has been subject to a few animation changes over the years. The most notable change was the switch from hand-drawn animation to computer-generated* animation. This change was jarring at first, but many fans have gotten used to it.

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