How To Draw Shimmer And Shine

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How To Draw Shimmer And Shine Zahramay Falls

How do I make my pencil shading smooth?

Variation: On a scrap piece of paper apply soft pencil until shade is black. Rub finger, cloth or stump into the black shade. Then apply with your finger, cloth or stump directly to drawing paper surface. This will produce an even shade on smooth paper.

Does Leah become a genie?

Leah briefly becomes a Genie in this episode and is shown to be quite good at granting wishes. She’s the only one who wished to be a genie for a day when Shine granted her second wish. This episode also shows that a person can become a genie via a wish.

How did Leah get to Zahramay Falls?

In the second season premiere episode “Welcome to Zahramay Falls,” Shimmer and Shine receive a Green Burst Gem from Princess Samira and take it to the human world, where the evil Zeta uses magic to steal it. But her spell goes awry, and pulls Leah and Zac into Zahramay Falls.

Is Shine pink or blue?

Shine (voiced by Isabella Cramp) – A courageous genie with purple eyes and blue hair. She likes animals, is often hungry, and loves eating. Her favorite color is blue. Leah (voiced by Alina Foley) – A blonde girl who found Shimmer and Shine in a genie bottle at a carnival.

What is the cat’s name on shimmer and shine?

Nahal. Nahal is Shine’s Bengal tiger cub. This cute kitty likes to pounce on whatever strikes her fancy – anything from food to a toy she can bat around with her paw. Like her owner, Nahal is silly and feisty, but she can also be a bit of a scaredy-cat.

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