How To Draw L Lawliet

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What color is Light Yagami’s eyes?

Light is a young man, standing at above average height with light-brown hair and brown eyes.

What color is L’s hair?

Appearance. L’s full appearance L is a very slim, pale, tall young man with messy neck-length black hair and black eyes. One of his most noticeable features is the shadow below each of his eyes, a result of him being an insomniac.

How do you make a 3D object?

To make a cube, cylinder, or other basic 3D object, go to the 3D menu and choose from the preloaded set. Select the 3D object you want to use for your project, then click and drag in your workspace to instantly create it!

in your workspace to instantly

Why is L’s hair blue?

Blue is often associated with wisdom and tranquility, both which describe L very much. Also, in anime, blue hair is a characteristic of an introvert (I guess this one is a key L characteristic). I isn’t very common to see Matsuda’s hair change color in the anime, however, that is his main moment in the show IIRC.

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