How To Draw Kenma

How To Draw Kenma joined volleyball

Who married Kuroo?

Kuroo isn’t engaged to anyone, The only canon couples are Mika and Daishou and Tanaka & Kiyoko.

Does Kenma like Kuroo?

3. kenma joined the volleyball team for kuroo kenma says multiple times he joined the volleyball team for kuroo. (spoiler alert: he did this because he loves kuroo).

Is Kenma shy?

Although their personalities are complete opposites, Kenma is noted to not be as shy or quiet when around Hinata and actually shows signs of excitement when watching or playing against him.

What class is Kenma in?

Kenta Kozume is a 2nd-year student from Nekoma High, serving as the volleyball team’s setter and was referred to as the “heart” and “brain” of the team by his teammates.

Who is Kenma dating?

Tropes. KuroKen is the slash ship between Tetsurō Kuroo and Kenma Kozume from the Haikyu!! fandom.

Why is Kenma called pudding head?

The next day, Kenma shows up with his hair dyed blond; only then do his teammates explain to him that Taketora meant that his hair stood out because it’s long, not because it’s black. Since Kenma didn’t bother to dye the roots, everyone starts calling him Pudding Head.

What does Kuroo do after high school?

kuroo tetsurou is a volleyball coach. after graduating from university, he’d decided that he did really like encouraging players to live up to their best potential, and had accepted the vacancy when nekomata retired. he’s firm, but not overly strict, and the players love him. kuroo tetsurou is a pro volleyball player.

What number is Kenma Kozume?

Nekoma School Kenma Kozume Volleyball No. 5 Jersey Costume: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry.

What is Kenma’s favorite color?

Kenma: My favorite color is blue.

What would Kenma name his cat?

Anonymous asked: Kenma has a cat named mayonnaise. Kuroo named her. It was a gift for his birthday.

What is Kenma username on his game?

kenma’s favourite food is apple pie, and his username on his games is ‘applepi’.

What personality type is Kenma?

1 INTP, The Logician – Kenma Kozume

He rarely shows any emotions but is still said to be the “heart” and “mind” of Nekoma. He is extremely analytical and has a tone of game sense, which also makes him a great gamer as he loves to play video games when he isn’t playing volleyball.

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