How To Clean Surfboard

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How do you clean a surfboard with coconut oil?

To remove wax from unwanted surfaces (boards, board bags, the seat of your car, etc.) use coconut oil. Smear coconut oil onto the area, and then wipe to remove with a warm wash cloth. Voila.

Can you use methylated spirits to clean a surfboard?

For a new board – wipe the tail area with a clean cloth dampened with methylated spirits or acetone (nail polish remover) to remove any dust or grease.

Can you use dish soap to clean a surfboard?

Liquid Dish Soap to remove was on surfing board

Rub liquid dish soap onto the board, wait for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. This is a good solution to the problem of wax, but it will not remove any residual stains.

Can you remove yellowing from surfboard?

Unprotected Foam

The overall yellowing discoloration of the board is indicative of the underlying foam and its damage. By protecting the fiberglass lamination on the board, the yellowing effect will greatly be diminished.

Can I use white spirit to clean surfboard?

Once satisfied that you’ve removed most of the wax – grab some white spirit and an old cloth. Soak the cloth with spirit and rub the remaining wax off. The spirit will dissolve the wax and turn your board into a pristine, sparkling, object of desire!

Why is sun Bad for surfboards?

Always do your best to minimize the heat and sunlight your board is exposed to, and your board will last much, much longer. UV rays from sunlight will also yellow your board faster. Also, keep in mind that the darker the colors of your board, the quicker they absorb heat and the hotter they get.

Why is my surfboard turning yellow?

The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause surfboards to turn yellow. But the sun and UV rays cause other damage, like delamination, a process where the laminate seal around your surfboard begins to break down, causes skin peeling. Too much sun will eventually crack the fiberglass and the outer layer of resin.

What can I use instead of a wax comb?

An actual "wax comb" is not a necessity and a variety of materials can be used that have a straight edge and are slightly flexible, but not sharp, such as a plastic putty knife or scraper. The best way to accomplish this task is to use a scraping device in combination with a heat source and "magic dust".

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How long does a surfboard last?

A surfboard that’s been rinsed off after use and has undergone regular checkups and maintenance can last over 10 years. Your continued use of your surfboard year after year depends on how well you’ve taken care of it, where you’ve surfed, and how many dings and cracks it has on it.

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