How To Charge Ember Mug

How To Charge Ember Mug long does

Does Ember Mug automatically turn on?

Ember also took the auto sleep and wake features that it introduced with the original Ember ceramic Mug and brought them to the Travel Mug 2, meaning that it’ll turn itself on and off automatically depending on whether it detects liquid inside, or motion from being picked up, to extend battery life even further.

What does red light on Ember Mug mean?

SOLID RED – Ember has low battery and will be unable to maintain the set temperature. PULSING WHITE – Once hot liquids are poured in the Ember, the Ember will pulse white as it works to reach your set temperature. SOLID WHITE – Target temperature has been reached and the beverage is ready to be enjoyed!

What does empty mean on Ember Mug?

EMPTY: Displayed when the thermal sensors are not recognizing a change in temperature present in the inner vessel. This notification may also show if liquid is not present or the temperature rapidly decreases (caused by adding cold creamer).

How long does the Ember Mug stay hot?

Our smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Ember then maintains your chosen temperature for up to 1.5 hours with the Ember Mug² 10 oz and up to 80 minutes with the Ember Mug² 14 oz – so your hot beverage stays perfect.

How long does it take an Ember Mug to charge?

Charge Time: Once your Ember Mug has an empty battery, place the mug on the charging coaster for approximately 2 hours for a full charge.

Can I charge my Ember Mug in the car?

To charge you Ember Mug in your car use the charging coaster with a car laptop charger with an output of 19V and at least 2.1 Amps. You’ll also need the right DC output plug (often referred to as “M5”) which has an outer diameter of 5.5mm and inner diameter of 2.5mm.

Why is my Ember Mug not working?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Ember, a reset can bring the Ember back to its factory settings. Typically, this will recalibrate any data that may be causing the issue. To reset the Ember, press and hold the power button on the bottom of the mug for about 15 seconds.

Why is the heater off on my Ember Mug?

The Ember Mug has motion sensors in it and it’s designed to turn itself off when on for too long. This is set to 2 hours when on a charger. So if you haven’t pick up your coffee in the last 2 hours then the Ember will switch off to save power and also to stop overheating.

How long does Ember stay charged?

It really depends on the temperate at which you want your hot beverage to stay within the Ember Mug. I have mine set at 60°C (140°F) and a fully charged mug will hold that for 20-25 minutes. Dropping the temperature to 50°C (122°F) pushes the hold time out into the 40-50 minute range.

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