How To Change Gojo Soap Dispenser

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How To Change Gojo Soap Dispenser soap dispenser

How do you open an automatic dispenser?

To open the dispenser, insert the provided access key into the slot located on the top of the front cover and press down. Holding the top of the dispenser cover, carefully pull the cover down and towards you. Note: The cover is hinged at the bottom of the dispenser.

How do you open a Gojo automatic soap dispenser?

To open the dispenser once it has been locked, insert the key into the slot at the top of the dispenser and press down until the front panel is released. To return the dispenser to the unlocked position, snap the key back into place inside the rear panel.

How do you open a Purell dispenser without a key?

Open dispenser by pressing release buttons on side of dispenser and slide the front cover down. Push Release button and remove empty refill.

Can you refill the BT21 soap dispenser?

EASY TO USE – Easy to refill the liquid soap. No more pumping up the hand soap bottle. Automatic BT21 soap dispenser will make your life easier!

Why does my soap dispenser not work?

Soap Dispenser Pump Not Working

If the pump fails to retract, the pump may be locked, so it seems to be stuck. Many soap dispensers lock when you push the pump all the way down and rotate it by 90 degrees. You can unlock the pump by rotating it back to its working position. Or the spring may be broken.

Why is my Gojo soap dispenser not working?

First, make sure the jack inside the dispenser is fully seated and the batteries are properly installed. If that doesn’t work, you will need to reset your dispenser. Use a paperclip to press the reset button on the inside cover of the dispenser.

How do you open a Sysco soap dispenser?

We have these in white and can’t figure it out. of the dispenser, about half way down and just squeeze both sides at the same time and pull towards you and the dispenser will open up.

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