How To Change Club Tag

Can you get banned for inappropriate name Apex legends?

If you are a part of a club with a name that goes against the rules, you are at risk of receiving a warning. If you are given a warning, you will be notified by email. However, it appears that players accounts are automatically getting banned by mistake in Apex Legends for this offense.

Why was my apex account banned?

Various Apex Legends player accounts were hit with accidental bans after EA cracked down on clubs that violated the terms of service, and now the devs have issued an apology for this problem.

Can you turn off clan tag apex?

If you start the game and open the platoon menu, it will show you a platoon that you´re currently representing (that´s why you have a clan tag). There should be an option like "stop representing" your platoon, this will remove the clan tag.

What happens when you get banned on Apex?

We’ll ban players who break our User Agreement. If you’ve got a ban or suspension on your EA Account, for a specific game, or for your device, we’ll notify you via email.

Can I change club tag apex?

Player Cannot Reportedly Change Their Club’s Name

Unfortunately, there is nothing that the player or their Clubmates can do at this time to change the name to something better suited for the community, which is problematic since they are now still breaking the rules.

How do I change my club name on Apex?

Look for the Edit Profile button and click on it. Under the General tab, you’ll be able to change your username, which will also change your name in Apex.

Can you change your apex name on Xbox?

Players must go through the Xbox name change process because console usernames are related to Apex Legends. Players can navigate to the Profile and System area of the Console by pressing the Xbox logo on their controller. Then go to the My Profile section and choose the option to modify your name.

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What is a club tag in Apex?

Tag – A 4-character shorthand for your club that will be visible to your squadmates during match. Logo – A sweet symbol of how awesome your club is that will greet you every time you visit the club lobby. Privacy Setting – This controls if and how people can join your club.

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