How To Bend Brake Lines Without A Bender

What is a brake line wrench?

Brake line wrenches (flare nut wrenches or simply line wrenches) serve a specific purpose. Domestic cars often use 7/16-inch and imports 10 mm. via Brake line wrenches (often called flare nut wrenches or simply line wrenches) serve a specific purpose in a mechanic’s toolbox.

Can I make my own brake lines?

The process is relatively easy and inexpensive. The basic tools you will need, a pipe cutter and a double-flaring tool, are available at any local hardware store. Brake lines and tube nuts can be sourced at your favorite automotive retailer. For less than $50, you can have everything you need to create your own lines.

Why do

Can I use a single flare on brake lines?

1. Single Flares are only acceptable on low-pressure lines, but not acceptable for high-pressure brake systems. A single flare is just as it sounds, the line is flared out just once in a conical shape. Single flares are not acceptable for brake lines and tend to crack and leak quite easily.

Why do brake lines have so many bends?

Brake lines have loops and bends in them to allow them to flex and move as your car is driven. Without a little bit of give, your brake lines would eventually break under the stress of bumps in the road.

What tool do you use to bend brake lines?

These tube bending pliers are ideal for working on brake lines. Constructed of drop forged steel, these brake line pliers easily bend, align and adjust tubing while comfort grips reduce user fatigue. These handy pliers work on 3/16 in. and 1/4 in.

Is copper better than steel for brake lines?

Copper nickel brake lines are softer than stainless steel which allows for better flexibility. End forms and flares are easy to create for repairs with copper nickel. The hardness of stainless steel is difficult to work with on the assembly line. Copper nickel is able to bend and flare to create a tighter seal.

Can you heat a brake line to bend it?

If you really know what you’re doing, that will work. If you over heat it, it will crack. If you’re asking here, I would say don’t do it. There are some special benders available that will allow a fairly tight bend.

Can I use copper tubing for brake lines?

Are Copper-Nickel Brake Lines Legal? Due to the terrible history, the use of copper brake lines became illegal. Since the release of the new copper-nickel solution, the product is legal to use. The Copper Development Association is now opposed to copper brake pads.

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