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Can a leader be nice?

The world has moved on. Leaders – good leaders – are very capable of making good and strong business decisions, even tough decisions, with kindness. Satya Nadella recently showed that he could put principles first while navigating employee unrest.

What a leader is not?

Leadership is not about telling and controlling.

Leadership will always involve some degree of telling people what needs to get done. But the best way to make that happen is by helping others figure out what needs to be done on their own.

Why leaders are not bosses?

“Boss” is a title given to you while “leader” is a descriptor you have to earn. Bosses practice their golf putt in their offices while workers try to keep the company afloat; leaders are down in the trenches working with their teams to achieve a common goal.

But the best way to

How do you brief your boss?

When speaking with your manager, give a brief overview of your conclusions and then lead into each point by saying, “First,” “Second” and “Third.” Make it easy for your boss to understand the main points. Bottom-line thinking is critical to advancing your career.

What makes a successful boss?

A great boss creates an environment based on integrity, trust, respect — and one that encourages feedback, innovation, and creativity. Employees in such an atmosphere flourish.

What is a boss vs a leader?

A person who gives orders to employees and behaves in an authoritative way, seeks control and tells his men what to do, is a Boss. A person who influences, inspires, supports and encourages a group of individuals, and works continuously on the achievement of goals is a leader.

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