How To Approach As Marth

Who beats Marth melee?

as far as ive seen falco and fox do the best vs marth. falco’s SHL is very annoying to many characters, but he can also shine combo you for an easy 60-80%. marth does have a few advantages over him though like better priority (which falco can try to use SHL to get around) and marth’s grab game is a lot better.

Who is Roy from Super Smash Bros Melee?

Roy (ロイ, Roy) is a unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He is a clone of Marth, differentiated primarily by his sweetspots being located near the center of his blade rather than the tip. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Who is Lucina to Marth?

Lucina is a distant descendant of the legendary "Hero-King" Marth. She is a princess of Ylisse, the successor state to the now-ancient kingdom of Archanea, and is Chrom’s daughter.

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How is Lucina better than Marth?

Marth relies on spacing, more defensive play, and early KOs. Lucina can be played more aggresively, and relies on her more effective combos to increase the damage enough so she can KO the opponent. Marth can be more rewarding if used right, but Lucina’s consistent damage and knockback helps her in certain match-ups.

How do you play Falco in melee?

You’ll need to drop from the ledge and then jump whilst drifting forwards to perform the lasers from ledge. The stun of Falco’s laser means that Falco can use them to allow himself time to get into range for another hit.

Who is good against Falco?

The best character matchups for Falco in SSBU, the most reliable counter picks Falco is Weak Against are Pichu and Pikachu. However, Falco is Strong Against Simon, King K. Rool, and Richter.

What does Marth say in Smash Bros?

Marth’s taunt in battle is "みんな、見ていてくれ!" "Minna, miteite kure!" which translates to "Everyone, please watch me!"

Why is Marth top tier?

He has a great combo game that’s easy to execute, his smash attacks are really powerful if spaced properly, he has a reflector to deal with projectiles, he has a solid projectile himself, he has decent frame data and great out of shield options, and his recovery is straightforward and easy to execute and has a great, …

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