How Many Lightning Spells To Destroy Air Defense

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How Many Lightning Spells To Destroy Air Defense lightning spells

How many Level 4 Lightning spells does it take to destroy a level 5 air defense?

If you have a lvl 4 lighting then you will need 3 of them to take out that lvl 6 air defense. But if you upgrade it to lvl 5 thrn 2 lighting and 1 earthquake spell will do the work for you.

How many zaps does it take to destroy air defense?

If you use your own lightning spells, you need to use 4 lightning spells in order to kill an air defense. fandom all posts lord · 11/3/2015 in general at town hall 8, a level 6 air defense can be destroyed with a level 1 earthquake spell and 2 level 5 lightning spells.

Can you destroy a town hall with spells?

As Earthquake Spells deal increasing damage to Walls, they are much more effective than using its counterpart, Lightning Spell, against Walls. They are therefore very useful for ground attacks if walls might get in the way. Unlike the Lightning Spell, Earthquake spells can damage Town Halls and Clan Castles.

Can Level 4 lightning spell destroy air defense?

The point at which you click your lightning spell will indeed receive the full damage of the spell, so assuming you click the dead center of the air defense, 3 level 4 spells should be sufficient. If you are off by even a little bit, you probably won’t destroy it.

Can 3 earthquake spells destroy walls?

Earthquake Spell Explained

This spell produces an earthquake that damages all buildings within its radius. The damage is calculated in percentage, not in total hitpoints. This spell has a preferred target: walls. 4 Earthquake Spells will always destroy any wall, regardless of the level of the spell or walls.

Can you destroy a town hall with lightning spells?

The Lightning Spell does damage to Buildings and enemy Troops in a small radius, with the exception of resource storages, the Town Hall, and the Clan Castle.

How many lightning and earthquake does it take to destroy a clan castle?

[Strategy] 5 max lightning spells and 1 earthquake spell can completely destroy a clan castle!!!

What spells take out level 7 air defense?

Air sweeper (level 7) 1050 show more. 6 lightnings would not kill scatter or xbow but would get inferno. These changes to the game opened up a powerful new spell combination for destroying air defenses. 5 cannons (up to level 8) 4 archer towers (up to level 8) 3 mortars (up to level 5) 2 wizard towers (up to level.

How many soldiers set off Eagle artillery?

The Eagle Artillery is activated after 180 (level 1 and 2) or 200 (level 3 and 4) housing spaces worth of troops have been deployed, but Heroes and Spells also count as troops.

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