Comment On Atticus’ S Explanation Of Rape. How Suitable Is This As An Answer To Scout

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What does Atticus mean by gentle breeding?

"gentle breeding" and she expects him to remind the children that they are not. "run of the mill people". In this chapter Atticus talks to the children and tells Scout to be more ladylike and Jem to become more of a gentlemen.

Ewells good people

What does Aunt Alexandra mean when she calls Atticus soft hearted What has he done in Alexandra’s view that is soft hearted?

What has he done in Alexandra’s view that is soft hearted? She means Atticus is too soft on the kids and he doesn’t set rules or give them consequences. He’s letting scout go with Calpurnia to church and he said Cal would look after her there as well as she does have here.

What is the difference between the way Atticus defines family and the way Alexandra does?

Atticus says that family is those who are there for you and treat you with respect. Alexandra says those who are family is blood-related.

What is Atticus’s argument with Alexandra?

Summary: Chapter 15

Later, Jem tells Scout that Alexandra and Atticus have been arguing about the trial; she nearly accused him of bringing disgrace on the family. The following evening, Atticus takes the car into town.

What chapter does Atticus stand outside the jail?

Atticus spends the night outside the jailhouse to protect Despite the danger of a mob of men coming to lynch Tom, Atticus sits outside the jailhouse with nothing Page 2 Tom Robinson (Chapter 15, pages 198–207) but a lamp. He faces danger calmly, intent on using reason to sway unreasonable men.

What page does Atticus tell Scout about rape?

In chapter 14, Scout asks him what rape is, as this is what Tom Robinson has been accused of. Atticus defines it as “carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent.” I guess the answer to the question “How do you talk to kids about difficult things?” is just “Use words they won’t understand.”

What is Atticus doing outside the jail?

Atticus sits outside of the jail in order to protect Tom Robinson from the lynch mob. Jem and Scout follow him, but they stay far enough away that he can’t see them. When the children are ready to leave, they notice four old cars come into town. A shadowy group of men emerges.

How does Aunt Alexandra explain human behavior?

what is aunt Alexandra’s major theory concerning human behavior? How does Jem point out the irrationality of it? that humans can be defined by genetic traits/streaks and by how long they’ve lived on their land. He says that would make the Ewells good people when they aren’t.

What is rape Cal?

what’s rape, Cal?” “It’s somethin’ you’ll have to ask Mr. Finch about,” she said. “He can explain it better than I can.”

What is 3rd degree rape State of California?

(1) When the victim is incapable of resisting or of understanding the nature of the act by reason of a stupor or abnormal condition of mind produced by an intoxicating agent or any cause and the offender knew or should have known of the victim’s incapacity.

What is Atticus’s response?

What is Atticus’ response to Alexandra’s attempt to say the children shouldn’t have witnessed the trial? He says what’s done is done and they need to cope with it. What is Atticus’ response to Jem’s question about how the jury could have convicted Tom? He didn’t know, but they would do it again.

What were Atticus’s two peculiarities?

What are TWO of Atticus’ peculiarities? -Atticus doesn’t like dessert. -Atticus like to walk.

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