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How do you get repair parts in New World?

To get repair parts, you need to salvage any weapons, armor, or tools that you own. You can do this in your inventory or your storage shed. You can salvage by pressing S and the left mouse button on your mouse.

Where do I make repair kits New World?

Standard Repair Kits can be used to fully repair any Tier 2 weapon or armor item. Standard Repair Kits in New World can be obtained via crafting or purchased from Trading Posts.

What gives mechanical parts in 7 days to die?

Mechanical Parts can be found by left-clicking with a Wrench on Air Conditioners, Gas Stations, Office Chairs, File Cabinets, Reinforced Drawbridges, Shopping Carts, Gas Pumps, Ovens, Sedans, Safes, and Metal Doors. If you don’t have a wrench and need mechanical parts, scrap unused Engines to get 30 of them.

How do you repair in New World?

To repair an item in New World, you’ll need to select it in the menu, and then press “Repair.” The shortcut to doing this is holding down the R key and clicking on an item. In order to repair gear in New World, you’ll need Repair Parts. Repair Parts can be acquired by salvaging unwanted items.

Where do I get mechanical parts?

Mechanical Parts are a crafting material. Can naturally be looted from toolboxes, crates/boxes, and any mechanical object. Mechanical Parts alternatively can be found from destroying mechanical objects.

How do you make a forged iron?

You first need to drag some wood to the fuel section and turn it on. Then, drag your iron and clay soil to the smelting portion of the forge on the right. Once they’ve been smelted, you can start crafting forged iron. The forged iron will appear in the output section on the right as well.

How do you repair the iron shovel in 7 days to die?

Click the item while in your menu (crafting menu, character menu). Then hit repair while having the required item in your inventory/bag.

What do repair kits do in New World?

Repair Kits are crafted using either Weaponsmithing or Armoring. Repair Kits fully restore the durability of Equipment. There are four tiers, with each able to repair equipment of the equivalent tier and below. Unlike the regular repairing system, the use of Repair Kits does not require coin.

Why can’t I repair my weapon New World?

You may have found at some point that the interaction for repairing wasn’t working for you. If that’s the case, you didn’t have the right amount of gold or repair parts. When repairing a piece of gear, you must pay a scaling amount of gold as well as a New World specific resource called repair parts.

What can you do with mechanical parts?

As far as uses go, Mechanical Parts are used to turning Makeshift Weapons into Mechanical Weapons. This includes turning a Makeshift Shotgun into a Pump Shotgun, a Makeshift Rifle into an Assault Rifle, and a Makeshift Bow into a Mechanical Bow.

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